Gavin Crawford

Ovation Pro Applets

This is a collection of applets I have created for the RISC OS version of Ovation Pro.
Ovation Pro is a dektop publishing system by David Pilling, available for RISC OS and Windows operating systems.

Extra Functions Applet

A library of functions for Ovation Pro applets and scripts

This applet is required by all my other Ovation Pro applets.
Please ensure it is installed before using any of the other applets here.

latest version: 103 (30-May-18)

arrayLib Applet

An array library for Ovation Pro applets and scripts

A library of functions that provide string arrays for use in other applets

latest version: 104 (26-Jul-18)

NudgePal Applet

Object moving & resizing

Allows easy moving and resizing of objects via the ‘Nudge’ palette window

latest version: 109 (02-Aug-18)

Wysiwyg Applet

Set ArtWorks rendering level

Fine control of the ArtWorks display setting

latest version: 103 (03-Sep-18)

CropMarks Applet

Add crop marks around objects

Place crop marks around the selected object

latest version: 101 (06-Aug-18)

PastePos Applet

Paste objects in position

Cut and paste objects to the same x,y position

latest version: 102 (06-Aug-18)

Print Sound Applet

Play a sound after printing

Plays a sound when a document has finished printing

latest version: 101 (09-Sep-18)

PageSize Applet

Add and Edit Page Sizes

Extend the list of available page sizes

latest version: 102 (06-Aug-18)

URLlink Applet

Link to URLs in Ovation Pro documents

Website and email links are just a click away.

latest version: 105 (06-Sep-18)